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The price of any product (book/journal/CD) is indicated at two places
   a. at the final ‘Detailed Information’ page for that product, and
   b. at the respective place under ‘Check-List.’ 
Incidently, these are the two places from where online ordering mechanism can be activated by clicking ‘Order Now.’

Online ordering involves a simple procedure involving a couple of forms (LOGIN form and ORDER-FORM) that ask for relevant information relating to ones identity, billing and despatch address details, etc. It is mandatory for a person to be registered at our site prior to ordering. Incase previously not registered, then the ordering initiation process automatically goes through REGISTRATION. The process ends with the order being registered and a unique order no. being issued to the customer for any future reference relating to the order.
Modes of payment currently acceptable include : Credit Card, Demand Draft or Banker’s Cheque, or any regular Cheque preferably payable at Delhi.

For non-Delhi payable cheques/draft an additional Rs.100 or US$9.00 to be added towards bank collection charges.
Customers are requested to send payment Drafts/Cheques made in favour of Academic Foundation-TRP. through Courier or Registered Post/Speed-Post/Air Express Mail at the following address :

Academic Foundation,
4772-73/23, Bharat Ram Road,
New Delhi - 110 002.

Tel : 011-23245001, 02, 03, 04.
Fax : 011-23245005.
e-mail :
Prices mentioned are ‘all-inclusive.’ Further, we provide FREE box-packing and delivery (usually through courier for domestic and through regular surface mail for destinations outside India). Faster modes of delivery outside Indian boundaries are available but optional . Relevant details are made available during the online ordering process.
Also please note that for shipment outside India, US$ rates apply.
Special price offers (bonanza offers/special saving schemes) whenever and wherever mentioned are valid only for a limited period and strictly applicable to direct orders accompanying payment. Percentage discounts wherever permissible are applicable only on the list price of the publication, and never on the special scheme price (which is already discounted and/or associated with other incentives).
Academic Foundation reserves the right to revise all prices mentioned without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Order acceptance/supply of any product(s) ordered and/or free gift associated with it (if applicable) is subject to the availability of the respective item(s) in our stock.
Books etc. ordered are usually despatched from our end after realisation of the full payment.
Despatch (shipment) of the order normally takes place within 48 hours from the time of realisation of the full payment subject to clear billing/despatch instructions. Time it takes for the order to reach its destination may, however, depend on the mode of delivery opted for and the geographical location it is marked for (within India/outside India/metro/non-metro etc.).
In case we are unable to supply the product ordered (on account of unavailability, etc.), the payment if realised, shall be refunded in full within 2 weeks, except when we communicate seeking more time subject to its acceptability at the client’s end).
Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind, customers are requested to intimate us at the earliest, regarding non-receipt of the ordered goods. Any intimation/complaint from the customer’s end regarding non-receipt of the complete ordered material, should be directed to the Customer Service (online or otherwise) at the earliest to ensure proper follow-up measures/enquiry into the matter, but in any case within 90 days (3 months) of order registration (in case of subscriptions : within 3 months of scheduled delivery period for that particular volume/issue). For any such complaints/intimations reaching us (after this reasonably sufficient period) we do not promise replacement and we place ourselves under no obligation to pursue the complaint with our delivery agents (although we may do so under certain considerations). For valid ‘in-time’ complaints of non receipt of the ordered stuff, we stand committed to send afresh the missing items) contained in the order that failed to reach the customer, but after due cross-checking/enquiry with our in house inventory/order processing department and the delivery mechanism involved.
Request for return of product (seeking refund) or exchange of an already sold product is normally not encouraged. However, if the product is damaged in transition (delivery process) inspite of our taking adequate precautionary measures, or found to carry any manufacturing defect, we as manufacturers (publishers) stand committed to immediately take steps to ensure its replacement at the earliest, causing minimum inconvenience although it would still be regretted most and our customer service division shall make a serious note of it so that such cases remain exceptions.
You may also read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.
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